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Sport Stacking  is successfully being introduced into Schools nation-wide

Win great Cash and Spedstacks Prizes prizes with Oros.

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Helps develop motor skills

Promotes hand eye co-ordination

Improves dexterity and quickness

Increases focus and concentration

Improves self image

Master patterning and sequencing


 Vast improvements observed in reading, writing and mathematics


 Schools around the world have benefited tremendously from Speed Stacking.  The skills learnt in patterning and sequencing has proven to help children with reading, writing and arithmetic. The child also learns to be more proficient in rhythm and is encouraged to use both sides of the brain. It is an ideal activity to help a child set personal goals and can be implemented to promote team work. Speed Stacking provides the child with a sense of achievement in a stress free environment including loads of fun. Implementing Speed Stacking in movement programmes and in therapy has benefited children to a great extent and the skill developed form the basis of learning readiness.

 Sport Stacking is one of the activities which is ideally suited for a quality Physical Education Program. Physical Exercise implemented to achieve learning readiness will greatly improve the ability of children to learn as well as provide many other benefits.

 We are currently running a huge campaign with OROS.  For videos, competitions, games and information go to the OROS official website    - Be Inspired – Be Motivated  -  Start Stacking -  See how Speed Stacks and OROS have inspired Children   to be part of the Cup Stacking Craze Sweeping the World!

 Sport Stacking under the auspices of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), is affiliated to the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic    Committee (SASCOC). What this means is that Sport Stacking is now able to award Provincial Colours, National Colours and Protea Colours to children and adults that achieve the necessary times and participate in approved tournaments. 

Should you be interested in a FREE demonstration, for all your students at your School, please contact  to set up an appointment at a time that would be most convenient for you and your colleagues.

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