Whether you're a Physical Education teacher, Nursery School teacher, youth pastor, youth leader, classroom teacher, recreation leader or sports coach , the Speed Stacks Team has developed an easy process for introducing Sport Stacking to your kids:


Influence of Stacking on Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction Time of 2nd Grade Students

Dr. Steven R. Murray, Brian Udermann, John M. Mayer, Kenneth Sagendorf - Mesa State College - Perceptual and Motor Skills, Spring 2004-

Summary: Sport stacking has been adopted recently by many physical education programs to enhance rudimentary motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and ambidexterity as well as quickness and concentration; however, no empirical evidence has been published to support these claims.

Benefits of Sport Stacking

Sport Stacking levels out the playing field, encouraging students of varying athletic abilities to compete. It allows for individual and team activites that are cooperative and competitive. Additionally, Sport Stacking:

  • helps develop motor skills, patterning, and hand-eye coordination
  • promotes ambidexterity
  • helps students develop bilateral proficiency
  • encourages perseverance and practice
  • is inexpensive to pursue
  • participants of all ages and abilities can stack