Do you wish to become part of the exciting new sport :  Sport Stacking? 

We require Physical Education Educators or other interested persons that wish to promote Sport Stacking and sell the products required to play the sport.  Agents will market the sport, sell the products and organise tournaments. Agents will work on a commission basis. Full training and support materials will be provided. 

Opportunities exist for resellers to be appointed to manage areas exclusively either for one School, an area or for a number of Schools.  Sport Stacking can be marketed to Nursery Schools, Primary and High Schools. 

Sport Stacking has been promoted through Schools since January 2009 and has already been adopted by many Schools throughout the country.

Successful applicants will be allocated Schools or areas through which they will have exclusive rights to distribute and sell the products.

The agents should ideally be Physical Education Educators or people that have a close working relationship with Schools. 

Go to the Contact us page and send us your contact and other relevant information if you wish to become a agent.